About Neil

I started ND Fencing in Cambridge back in 1982 where I contracted for a fencing company called Kestrel Fencing. They covered all types of fencing and had contracts with local councils and many large businesses in Cambridgeshire. Once word got around about my workmanship and professionalism other fencing company’s required my services. Then one day I decided to move to Dorset re-start ND fencing but this time no contracting to a middle man! I moved to Dorset in 1990 where I started my own fencing business and worked for my local County Council & Parish Council as well as English Nature. I also catered for the public and local schools. Also included with my fencing skills is a multitude of other skills like plastering, stone work, carpentry, and most building needs.

Much of the work is done by hand with hand machines causing little or no damage to the land.

In 2004 my life changed and I decided to move to France and have never looked back, although I did think it was going to be a little easier!! Not true as I now work harder but in a more peaceful surrounding. I have covered all aspects of the fencing trade from security to domestic, agriculture to equestrian. I have also worked in the building trade and covered most subjects so I can advise on all aspects from your chimney pot to your garden gate. I am also in contact with local French artisans who do specific trades e.g. Electrical and Plumbing. I am respected by the local French people and have regular work with my local Mairie looking after some of the buildings in Les Salles Lavauguyon.