Livestock Fencing

Ideal for sheep/ goats etc or for in the garden in front of hedges allowing the plants to grow through it. Very cost effective fence for larger areas. We strain the wire with a special clamp which means in time if a post rots out the wire does not fall over and let your animals out. We can also make and install gates to match.

Quality of fencing materials & guarantee

All wooden materials at sometime in their life rot. Softwood materials can be pressure treated, thus giving some protection against rot. This treatment only goes into the surface of the wood 5-10 mm and only comes with a 1-2 year guarantee if in contact with the ground. Jacksons fencing products have a 25 year guarantee against rot. Their pressure treatment system forces the treatment to the core of the wood thus giving better protection. However the cost is 3-4 times as much as normal pressure treated fencing products. Most timber I use can be treated with a timber insecticide treatment and I can also stain the wood with a colour of your choice giving longer life to your fence. I guarantee my workmanship.